Mike Litzinger

Mike Litzinger is the creative force and multi-instrumentalist driving Behind The Nine Ball. A founding member of northwest Pennsylvania alternative rock band Yellow No. 5, he began Behind The Nine Ball as a solo side project in mid-1998. Following the demise of Yellow No. 5 in 1999, Mike devoted his energy fully towards the new project, writing new songs and performing as a live ensemble composed of former Yellow No. 5 members and other hand-picked musicians. In recent years, Mike has also peformed numerous solo acoustic gigs and as a member of rock band The Drug Mules (aka "The Mules") and the Sonic Guerrillas, and has completed recording and production work for numerous musicians.

Steve Gramley

Steve Gramley has been the tireless percussive force behind neary every project Mike has been involved in, beginning when he joined Yellow No. 5 in 1993. In addition to performing as drummer for Yellow No. 5, Behind The Nine Ball, and The Drug Mules (all collaborations involving Mike), Steve has also performed as part of The Ray Lanich Band, Anything But Chester, Binge Red, 2 Guys & A Girl, and The Subclavians, among others.

Nathan Gramley

Nathan Gramley first performed with Mike when he was brought in as a guitarist/keyboardist in Yellow No. 5, and carried over his skills to the live incarnation of Behind The Nine Ball. Nathan peformed regularly as a member of the band from its inception through the last major series of shows in 2001, then rejoined the band in summer 2012. Nathan has been involved in several other bands, including 2 Guys & A Girl and Binge Red.

Jim Kipp

Jim Kipp's considerable talent on the bass makes him one of the most in-demand musicians in northwest Pennsylvania. An exhaustive list of his various projects would be impossible in this space, as he currently performs with a number of musical and theatrical projects. Jim performed as a member of Behind The Nine Ball during the five-piece band's last major run in 2001, and has returned for 2012 and beyond.


Kris Stiffey

Kris Stiffey is a longtime friend of Mike who once made the mistake of admitting he enjoyed Behind The Nine Ball's music. Kris joined as a guitarist in 2012. He also performs regularly as a member of 10 Million Devils.

Jesse Lavery

Jesse Lavery was brought on board as a guitarist from the very first live Behind The Nine Ball show in 1998 through the final show of the original five-piece band's run in 2001, and has been involved in several other musical collaborations with Mike. In 2003 the pair formed The Drug Mules as a mutual songwriting/performance project which eventually evolved into a power-trio with Steve for a series of occasional live performances. Jesse is also a prolific songwriter and solo performer, and served as frontman for The Subclavians. His current musical projects can be found at www.jesselaverymusic.com

Bob Bazylak

Bob Bazylak is well known as founding (and only original) member of northwest PA alt-rockers Dick's Loft long before joining up as first live bassist for Behind The Nine Ball. Bob's tenure in Behind The Nine Ball lasted from 1998-2000.